We were nominated again by our wonderful customers and now we need you or loyal customers to cast a vote? follow the link and please vote for us in the following 3 categories. You get to vote 1 time per category per email so if you have multiple emails please give us another vote. As well if you bring your phone in and show that you voted for us you will recieve 50% off your instore purchase.
Best Bakery
Best cupcakes
Best wedding cakes.

lunch for the week

salad: chef sarahs taco salad (romaine, taco beef, green onion, tomato, avocado, doritos, cheese)

soup: creamy asparagus

#1) turkey panini with cheese, arugula, house cherry red wine jam

#2) chicken bacon ranch wrap

#3) mac n cheese with broccoli and bacon

Chef Sarah Moravcik 🙂

Dancing Desserts
1321 Sharon Copley Rd
Po Box 298
Sharon Center, Oh 44274