Merry Christmas everyone!

Reminder: our temporary annual closure for January will be from Dec 25-jan 30. We will reopen Jan 31. We will miss you all and we will see you soon
As well, with us shutting down we scaled back on our supplies this week so we don’t throw stuff away so there is a chance of us selling out or changing part of the menu throughout the week.

Salad: Apple cranberry (greens, apples, cranberries, sunflower seeds, green onion)
Sandwich: 1) roast beef with peppers and onions, cheese, horsy sauce
2) chicken bacon ranch wrap

Soup: winter minestrone (there will be a few bowls of mushroom available on Tuesday until it’s gone. When we sell out of soup this week we will not be making another batch. Sorry)

Sarah Moravcik
Dancing Desserts