Autism Awareness month has officially begun and we are excited to start raising money for the cause! Puzzle piece cookies have officially hit our counter for sale. Remember all 100% of the monye is donated and other puzzle piece treats will be hitting our counter shortly.

Also, we dont typically have cupcakes on tuesdays but due to a fundraising event we participated in sunday and monday we will have some extras out for sale tuesday and some other sweet treats so stop on in.

ok lunch for the week…

Option 1: egg salad sandwich

option 2: Hawaiian Grilled cheese (ham, pineapple and cheese)

option3: BBQ chicken flatbread with onion cheese and roasted corn (reminder these do take around 7 mnutes to fire in the oven)

Salad: Turkey Cobb ( greens, turkey, bacon, egg, tomato, cucumber, green onion, avocado, cheese)

Soup: Squash and apple

Chef Sarah Moravcik 🙂

Dancing Desserts
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