~ If you havn’t had a chance to vote for us for the Akron Canton hotlist PLEASE do so! we would greatly appreciate it. Voting ends sunday. http//:akron.cityvoter.com

~We will be closed Friday Sept 16 and Saturday September 17. Chef Sarah is getting MARRIED!!! my staff will reopen tuesday with normal hours while i am away. I will be gone starting tusday the 12- oct 1. If you need me you can email me but i will not respond quickly due planing then to being out of the country. my staff is perfectly capable of helping anyone with questions and orders.

~ Custom cake orders/catering will be limited to specific numbers during this duration so we can monitor my same set of expectaions is being followed. so please order early

~The menus below are for the next few weeks. Some items may change as Justin in the kitchen feels the need to but you will NOT be recieving another email from us until after OCT 1st. Feel free to call and ask if there is any variation to the menus below.

Sept 6-10
Salad: marinated tomatoes, mozzarella, onion and basil on top of a bed of mixed greens
Sandwich: 1) Hot Cuban (Ham, Pork, Swiss cheese, mustard, pickles)
2) Bacon black and blue grilled cheese (bacon, blue cheese, blackberry jam)
3) Mac n cheese with broccoli
Soup: Corn and pepper chowder

Sept 13-15 Closed Friday and sat
Salad: chicken caesar
Sandwich: 1)Roast beef with caramelized onions and horsy
2) tuna salad
Soup: No soup due to short week

Sept 20-24
Salad: Tropical Shrimp (greens, shrimp, pineapple, oranges, green onion, almonds)
Soup: Mushroom
Sandwich: 1) Grilled Chicken with lettuce tomato onion cheese honey mustard
2) veggie wrap
3) Grilled piggy

Sept 27-1
salad: Taco salad (greens, ground beef, tomato, onion, doritos, blackbeans, corn, tortilla strips, salsa ranch)
soup: Chicken and rice
Sandwich: 1) Egg salad
2) turkey with spinach dip, tomato, cheese ( grilled)
3) TBD

Chef Sarah Moravcik

Dancing Desserts
1321 Sharon Copley Rd
Po Box 298
Sharon Center, Oh 44274